Formation Environmental, LLC | Former Copper and Zinc Smelter/Refinery
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Former Copper and Zinc Smelter/Refinery

About This Project

Formation Environmental is providing key technical support for the Remedial Investigation of a former copper/zinc smelter and refinery location in Great Falls, Montana.  The project currently involves characterization of environmental conditions within the nearby communities of Black Eagle and Great Falls and surrounding undeveloped lands.

Site characterization tasks completed to date include:

  • Development of a comprehensive environmental database for use in understanding historical and current environmental conditions;
  • Detailed evaluation of documentation associated with past data collection efforts to determine usability of data for RI/FS and risk assessment data uses;
  • Design of soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater investigations to support site characterization objectives, human health risk assessment, and the upcoming feasibility study;
  • Design of arsenic and lead bioavailability studies to support human health risk assessment for residents in the surrounding communities; and
  • Spatial and statistical analyses of residential soils data to present relevant findings for identifying the sources of metals to soil.